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Students take up to 3-4 weeks to get a U.S. Bank Account & Debit Card, and struggle to manage with cash, borrow from friends, or use pre-paid cards. Aeldra makes sure you don't have to!


Aeldra is the first neo-bank offering cross-border banking to Indians. The Silicon Valley based company has been started by Alumni of University of Chicago Booth, Dartmouth College – Tuck, and the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore.

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Amit - open your us bank account
Entrepreneur and Investment Professional

“For long, I have been encouraging friends, family and clients to diversify their investments and invest in the US. Doing so without a bank account is often daunting. Aeldra allows me to open a U.S. bank account remotely from India. The process is quite easy and hassle-free”

Neeraj - open your us bank account
Neeraj Sinha
IT professional & Frequent Business Traveller

“Aeldra fulfills a very vital gap for frequent global business travelers like myself. This account with debit card makes it not only very convenient to use during my travels in the US but also helps me save a lot in forex and other bank charges.”

Satish - open your us bank account
Business Executive and Technology Leader

“ Aeldra’s on-boarding experience is truly one-of-a-kind and very intuitive. I was able to open an account using my mobile in a few simple steps, within a few minutes and even get my debit card instantly.”

Lakshya - open your us bank account
Aspiring Student for advanced studies in US

“Aeldra’s ability to open accounts with only Indian passport is a great boon for students like me going to the US. Now I can easily get living expenses credited into my bank account without having to go through the University.”

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