You have taken the first step towards making your investment portfolio International.

U.S. Banking plus Brokerage Account.
Early access offered exclusively to existing Aeldra Account Holders.

Not your typical U.S. Brokerage Account

Single in-app view of USD bank funds and U.S. equity investments

Benefit from INR depreciation vs USD, retain settlements in high-yield U.S. Bank Account

Zero fees to fund brokerage account vs traditional fees of $15+ per funding from India

Interest up to 2.02% APY on USD funds vs traditional zero interest U.S. brokerage accounts

Traditional U.S. brokerage
Minimum Funding Amount
 Interest on Cash
Up to 2.02% APY
 Account Funding Fee
 Withdrawal Fee
$0 (proposed for premium customers)
  • FDIC Insured : $250,000 on cash in bank account

  • SIPC Coverage : $500,000 on securities in brokerage account