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A Global Neo-Bank for Global Citizens

With tremendous success in India, now launching in Brazil


Aeldra Mastercard Logo

A neo-bank built by bankers  (ex–Goldman Sachs, ex–McKinsey Senior Executives)
Backed by leading investors (Gregg Kid, early investor – Twitter, Square, Ripple & Coinbase) Approved by Office of Comptroller of Currency, the Federal Banking Regulators under the U.S. Dept. of Treasury

Take your Financial Footprint Global

   Helping Professionals open a U.S. Salary a/c pre-departure

  FDIC insured account – secure hedge against currency depreciation

  Enabling geographical diversification of financial assets

  Global investment opportunities including U.S. stocks & ETFs 

  Convenient for Brazilian students going to the U.S.

 The Aeldra Advantage.

10x Interest 

Vs traditional U.S. Banks, High yield interest bearing a/c

Up to $35 Fees saving per wire

Vs traditional U.S. banks on incoming international wire 

$250,000 Insurance Coverage 

Cash+ Securities in Integrated Banking + Brokerage a/c  

Open Account Digitally from Brazil

A U.S. Bank Account with Mastercard Debit Card digitally from Brazil without requiring an SSN, Visa or U.S. Address

Open an Account on your mobile by visiting www.aeldra.com

* Keep your Passport at hand since a scan is required to apply.

100% Mobile –10 Mins Process

Only Brazilian Passport Required

Instant Virtual Debit Card

*>70% of our applications are approved within a few minutes digitally
Based on our KYC requirements, which are as per U.S. regulations, some applicants may be requested to provide additional documents

  Cross-border Mobile Banking from Brazil

Convenience with peace of mind

FDIC-insured High-yield Bank Account
 Full-functionality Cross-border Mobile Banking App

Transfer and Spend Seamlessly 

ACH, Wire, P2P Channels. 
Pay Bills
Schedule Direct Salary Deposits
and Tuition ACH Pull from

 Account Benefits

No Account Opening Fee

No Monthly Fee or Account Maintenance Fee

No Minimum Balance Requirement or Penalty

Free Bank-to-Bank ACH Transfers

Free Incoming International Wire Transfers

Free AeldraPay, real-time Peer-to-Peer Transfers

Zero Foreign Currency Markup

Industry leading Interest Rate on Deposits






Account Opening Fee




Monthly Fees




International Incoming Wire Fee








Overdraft Fee








Foreign Currency Mark-up








Source: https://www.chase.com/content/dam/chase-ux/documents/personal/checking/ABSF-en.pdf
*HSBC is exiting the U.S. market and selling its consumer business: https://www.hsbc.com/news-and-media/media-releases/2021/hsbc-exits-us-mass-market-retail-banking

Linked U.S. Trading Account – Coming soon

U.S. Banking plus Brokerage "Singularity Account" will be offered to existing Aeldra account holders

Existing Aeldra Account holders can upgrade to an integrated U.S. Banking plus Brokerage "Singularity Account" by providing a valid tax document (depending on tax residency).

Securities in the brokerage account will be covered up to $500,000 via Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC).

Aeldra Brokerage vs Traditional Options

 Advantages of Aeldra Singularity.

Trading in U.S. Stocks & ETFs from Brazil

No need to transfer funds from bank account to brokerage account

Cash held in high-yield interest bearing bank account

$750,000 insurance cover - $500,000 on securities in brokerage account + $250,000 on cash in bank account

Aeldra Singularity

Traditional U.S. brokerage a/c for Brazilians

 Minimum a/c Opening Cash



 Interest on Cash

Upto 1.01% APY (linked to U.S. Fed rate)


 Account Funding Fee



 Transfer from Bank Account

Instant** (during market hours)

3-5 business days

 Withdrawal Fee

$0 (proposed for premium customers)


*APY – Annual Percentage Yield may be higher than interest rate due to compounding effect on interest paid monthly

Secure and compliant with regulations

FDIC-Insured* Up To $250,000

Compliant With U.S. Regulations And RBI's LRS Regulations

Mastercard ID Theft Protection**
Mastercard's Zero Liability***

Real-Time Transaction & Security Alerts
In-App One-Click Debit Card Lock

*through Blue Ridge Bank, N.A. Member FDIC
**Identity theft monitoring and alerting. By Mastercard. Learn More.
*** Protection against fraud, when you use your Mastercard. Learn More.

Aeldra Spotlight

Aeldra in the News.

The U.S. continues to attract the best and brightest from across the world. They deserve seamless access to U.S. financial services. However, the simple act of opening a bank account without an SSN is challenging, as is getting approved for a credit card or loan.

The Company is backed by leading fintech investors including Greg Kidd, an early investor in Twitter, Square, Ripple and Coinbase.

Aeldra Partners


“Building on our fintech momentum, we have secured additional wins around the globe with new partners like Payoneer and Aeldra in the U.S. ...”


"Aeldra meets a significant need in today's banking environment." -