Innovation and ethics are in our DNA.
This reflects the values and experiences of our founding team.
We believe that enduring values of empathy, honesty and transparency can be elevated through technology and innovation.
We believe all humans everywhere share the same core values and aspirations.
We believe that all humans everywhere deserve the same access to opportunities.
Our Mission
To enable our customers and employees to achieve their dreams irrespective of where they may live and what their circumstances may be.
Our Purpose
To democratize financial services thereby enabling access to individuals anywhere in the world.

Aeldra is now in India

Open US Bank Account from India

High-yield Saving + Checking account for U.S. residents, NRIs and Indian Passport-holders.
Social Security Number (SSN), visa and U.S. address are not mandatory.
Indian Passport-holders can open an account from India or from any other country.

About Us

We are a Silicon Valley based Neo-bank founded in 2019. Our Founders each have more than two decades as repeat entrepreneurs, business builders and CXO-leaders. They bring deep expertise in technology and financial services. Key highlights of their experience include the founding leadership team at Marcus by Goldman Sachs and Velo by East West Bank, successful exit from Trapyz, a start-up in the geolocation space and leadership roles in McKinsey & Co., Booz & Co., Accenture and Cargill.
Our Team
Sukeert Shanker

Venkat Gopalakrishnan

Anil Kumar N.S.

M.D. India


Walid Hissen

Sr. Product Manager
Sandeep Puli

Sujana Subudhi

Jyotish Vegesna

Nikhil Lasrado

Nitin Chaturvedi


Performance Marketing
Deep Shikha

Chloe Colaluca

Social Media
Aeldra supporting art
Great art inspires and uplifts. Aeldra is proud to support upcoming artists by featuring their work on our website. Beta launching soon.
The future of the world lies in the hands of the children and youth. Aeldra is forming partnerships with Non-profit Organizations with a mission to improve access to education for under-privileged children.
Aeldra - philanthropy
Completely digital + No SSN required
Wires + ACH + P2P + Mobile Wallets + Virtual Card
No account maintenance fees, annual or wire fees
Exclusive: Investment + Banking