A U.S. Bank Account with a Mastercard Global Debit Card designed for Indians.
Required: SSN or Indian Passport.

Full Functionality U.S. Bank Account

Absolutely No Fees & No Minimum Balance

• No Monthly Fee or Account Maintenance Fee.
• No Minimum Balance Requirement or Penalty.
• Free Bank-to-Bank Transfers.
• Free Wire Transfers.
• Free AeldraPay, real-time Peer-to-Peer Transfers.
• Industry leading interest rate on deposits.

Full Functionality
Mobile App

• Check balances and track transactions.
• Transfer money between Aeldra and other banks.
• Schedule payments for a future date or time.
• Get real-time notifications of transactions, etc.
• Auto-dial the Aeldra Concierge 24X7 from the App.
• Log in securely with biometric authentication.

Global Mastercard
Debit Card

• Mastercard Debit Card covers more than 210 countries.
• Access to hundreds of thousands of ATMs worldwide.
• Instant Virtual Card right after account opening.
• Elegant and impressive Aeldra Debit Card.
• Touch-free payments with the Aeldra Contactless Card.
• Debit Card lock/unlock through the Aeldra App.

Safe and Secure

FDIC Insured US Bank account
FDIC-insured* up to $250,000 through Blue Ridge Bank, N.A. Member FDIC
US Banking Regulation for Indians
Compliant with U.S. Regulations and Indian Government Regulations
open us bank account with mastercard protection
Mastercard ID Theft Protection**
Mastercard's Zero Liability***
US bank account app
Real-time transaction
& security alerts
in-App one-click
Debit Card lock
*Aeldra is a Silicon Valley and Bangalore based Fintech providing Banking Services with FDIC Insurance through Blue Ridge Bank, N.A., Member FDIC. The FDIC – short for Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation – is backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government. Since the FDIC began, no depositor has ever lost a penny of FDIC-insured funds. Learn More.

**Identity theft monitoring and alerting. By Mastercard. Learn More.

*** Protection against fraud, when you use your Mastercard. Learn More.

Join Thousands of Delighted Aeldra Customers

Professionals, Students, Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, Travelers, Families and More.
Amit - open your us bank account
Entrepreneur and Investment Professional

“For long, I have been encouraging friends, family and clients to diversify their investments and invest in the U.S. Doing so without a bank account is often daunting. Aeldra allows me to open a U.S. bank account remotely from India. The process is quite easy and hassle-free”

Neeraj - open your us bank account
Neeraj Sinha
IT professional & Frequent Business Traveller

“Aeldra fulfills a very vital gap for frequent global business travelers like myself. This account with debit card makes it not only very convenient to use during my travels in the U.S. but also helps me save a lot in forex and other bank charges.”

Satish - open your us bank account
Business Executive and Technology Leader

“ Aeldra’s on-boarding experience is truly one-of-a-kind and very intuitive. I was able to open an account using my mobile in a few simple steps, within a few minutes and even get my debit card instantly.”

Lakshya - open your us bank account
Aspiring Student for advanced studies in US

“Aeldra’s ability to open accounts with only Indian passport is a great boon for students like me going to the US. Now I can easily get living expenses credited into my bank account without having to go through the University.”

What matters to you?

Safe AND EASY U.S. banking from OVERSEAS
A $-denominated mobile bank account provides convenience, cost savings, exchange rate hedge and safety. Use it for all needs - supporting children or family in the U.S., planning for the future, investing in U.S. property or securities, receiving freelance payments, travel and more.
Hassle Free US Banking Online
Hassle-free transition to the U.S. FOR WORK
Be set up with a U.S. bank account and a Debit Card even before you step foot in the U.S. No delay in having a salary account from India. No need to wait for a U.S. visa or Social Security Number, or to physically visit a branch and gather extensive documentation to open an account.
U.S. bank account investments
Invest in U.S. stocks, ETFs and curated portfolios from India, with free trades. Uniquely, get access to Hedge Funds only available to HNW Private Banking clients for attractive returns. Most importantly, benefit from the assurance and convenience of a U.S. bank account linked to your U.S. brokerage account.
US Banking Account for Foreign Student
Be financially independent from Day 1. Open a U.S. account even before getting your Student Visa. Avoid paying fees charged by U.S. banks for the account and for transfers. Fall in love with the intuitive App that offers uncomplicated and easy  functionality and payments.
Hassle Free US Banking Online
Maintain a U.S. bank account to shop and spend through a Mastercard Global Debit Card. Avoid the worry of carrying enough cash. Avail of Mastercard’s global ATM network. Save up to 10% in foreign transaction fees and exchange rate mark-ups of an Indian card.

Aeldra in the News

“For persons who need to visit the United States frequently or need to do financial dealings there things are set to become easy, as they may now open an account there with Aeldra, a Palo Alto-based fintech that offers borderless banking to global affluent customers.” - Read Article
“Aeldra, whose partners include Blue Ridge Bank, N.A, provides global clients with smooth access to U.S. banking and investment through a “digital private banking” experience.” - Read Article
“The founding team has launched similar banking products previously, including Goldman Sachs' consumer bank, Marcus, and draws on more than twenty years of experience with leading global companies like McKinsey, Goldman Sachs, Cargill, and Accenture.” - Read Article
“Indians can now open a US bank account while sitting at home.” - Read Article
“The bank account comes with a $250,000 insurance by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. and a Mastercard debit card. Aeldra doesn’t charge any fee for account maintenance, mobile banking, debit card, and so on.” - Read Article
“Launched earlier this year, Aeldra is on a mission to provide access to global financial opportunities to customers all over the world.” - Read Article
“Aeldra is targeting $5 billion (Rs. 37,500 crores) in deposits by 2023, and aims to be the leading global consumer bank by 2025.” - Read Article
“Aeldra bridges a sizable market gap targeting about 100 million affluent and mass affluent consumers in the BRICs+ countries with global mindsets and lifestyles.” - Read Article
“The Company is backed by leading fintech investors including Greg Kidd, an early investor in Twitter, Square, Ripple and Coinbase. The founding team is highly pedigreed with decades of experience including the launch of Goldman Sachs’ consumer bank, Marcus.” - Read Article
“View: Will customers make new digital banks their primary bank?” - Read Article
“The bank is also targeting students, freelancers who get work from the US, and micro, small and medium enterprises apart from affluent Indians.” - Read Article
“Aeldra, the California challenger bank, has selected i2c Inc. to fuel its online private banking offerings.” - Read Article

Get to know your Aeldra account

Only neo-bank offering a U.S. bank account from overseas for IndiaN Passport holders.
AeldraPay Real-time Peer-to-Peer transfer convenient for splitting bills, sharing rent, giving gifts, and more.
A global Mastercard Debit Card immediately available on account opening as a Virtual Debit Card.
ACH Transfers, U.S. Wire, International Wire, Peer-to-peer, Bill Payment and more.
24X7 Customer Service and Full-Functionality App & Bank Account.
Up to 2% Interest rate (APY),
20X that of major U.S. banks.
No fees & No minimum balance requirement.
Aeldra CEO Speaks to Greg Kidd, Aeldra Investor
Fireside chat between Greg Kidd (Early investor in Twitter, Square, Ripple, Coinbase & Robinhood,
and Aeldra) and Sukeert Shanker (Founder and CEO, Aeldra).
All your questions answered
How do I transfer money from an Indian bank account to Aeldra?

STEP 1: Initiate the Wire from your bank account in India

Bank Name: Community Bankers Bank (Please see Note 1 below)​
Bank Address: 2601 Promenade Parkway, Midlothian, VA 23113, U.S.A.​
Account number: 1194356 (Please see Note 2 below)​
Beneficiary Name: Your full name matching Aeldra account​
Beneficiary Address: Your address matching Aeldra account (Please see Note 3 below)​
Description/Additional Detail: Further Credit to <insert your Aeldra account number> (Please see Note 4 below)

​Note 1: Aeldra has partnered with Blue Ridge Bank, N.A. which uses Community Bankers Bank as its correspondent bank for international wires.​
Note 2: This is the Account Number of Blue Ridge Bank, N.A., which is an intermediate account number.​
Note 3: If the bank requires a U.S. address, and your Billing Address on the Aeldra app is an Indian address, please call the Aeldra concierge directly on (U.S. toll-free number 1-844-333-3101 , available 24/7). You can find your Billing Address in the Personal Information menu on the App. ​
Note 4: You can find your Account Number in the Message Center sub-menu of the Contact US menu of the App. Your Aeldra Account Number needs to be entered as Description/Message/ Additional Detail. If this fields not provided by your bank, please take extra care to ensure that your name and U.S. address is the same as on Aeldra’s records.

STEP 2: Send a Secure Message through the App with the USD value of the wire and the date it was initiated. You can find the Secure Message sub-menu in the Contact Us menu on the App.

Learn About International Wire Transfers: Wire transfers from India to the U.S. come through the correspondent banking method using a SWIFT Code to all U.S. banks. Despite the name SWIFT, they take longer than in-country transfers - 3-5 U.S. business days (Monday-Friday, excluding U.S. bank holidays).


How can I contact Aeldra?

Aeldra is available 24X7 by email, phone or through Secure Messaging through the App.
Email: Please give up to 24 hours for a response.
U.S. Toll-free Number: +1-844-333-3101

Who are the Executives, Partners and Investors of Aeldra?

Aeldra has been started by CXO-level senior executives with more than 20 years experience in banking. Sukeert Shanker, the founder, was part of the founding team of Marcus by Goldman Sachs, a U.S. digital bank launched in 2016 and the Chief Operating Officer of Digital Banking for East West Bank, a $45 billion NASDAQ-listed U.S. bank based in Los Angeles.

Aeldra has partnered with Mastercard and Blue Ridge Bank, N.A., an FDIC Member U.S. bank established in 1893 and listed on the NYSE (BRBS).

The Aeldra account is FDIC-Insured* through our partner, Blue Ridge Bank, N.A., Member FDIC. FDIC is the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, an independent agency of the United States government that protects against the loss of insured deposits if an FDIC-Insured* bank fails. It is backed by the full faith and credit of the United States government. Since the FDIC began in 1934, no depositor has ever lost a penny of FDIC-Insured funds. FDIC-Insurance* covers funds in deposit accounts up to $250,000 per depositor.

Aeldra is backed by leading Venture Capitalists, lawyers and bankers including Greg Kidd, the co-founder of Twitter.

When will Aeldra be available to me?

Aeldra’s vision is to be the world’s first truly global consumer bank. It has been launched to provide access to financial services to citizens of every. Aeldra is being rolled out in phases to different countries.

Aeldra formally launched in January 2021 in two markets – the U.S. and India. The following individuals are eligible to open an Aeldra account:
1)   U.S. citizens and U.S. residents can open an account using their Social Security Number.
2)   Indian citizens with a valid Indian passport can now open an Aeldra account from wherever they live, whether in India or across the world without needing a U.S. Social Security Number or a U.S. address.
In Q3 2021, Aeldra will expand to additional countries.

What products does Aeldra offer?

Aeldra’s vision is to be a comprehensive provider of all consumer and small business financial services through a single neo-bank. This includes banking, loans, brokerage, robo-advisory, financial advisory, insurance and financial education.

Aeldra currently offers a U.S. high-yield Bank Account with a Mastercard Debit Card called Quantum. The Aeldra Quantum Bank Account is FDIC-insured through Blue Ridge Bank, N.A. and uniquely combines the benefits of a Checking Account and a Saving Account.

In Q2 2021, Aeldra is launching:
•   A combined account for banking, trading and investment called Singularity. Singularity is an FDIC-Insured* U.S. bank account through our partner Blue Ridge Bank NA, and an Aeldra SIPC-Insured U.S. brokerage account seamlessly integrated into one. Key features include free trading in U.S. stocks and ETFs, access to curated portfolios, crypto currency, hedge funds and robo-advisory.
•   Credit Card for customers without a U.S. FICO score or with limited credit history in the U.S. 
•   Mortgage for customers without a U.S. FICO score or with limited credit history in the U.S. looking to buy property in the U.S. 

These products will only be available to existing Aeldra customers.