An FDIC-insured U.S. Bank Account* with a Mastercard Global Debit Card^.
Required: SSN or Indian Passport.


Open US Bank Account From India

• No Monthly Fee
• Free Bank* to Bank ACH Transfers
• Free Incoming International Wire Transfers
• Free AeldraPay real-time Peer-to-Peer Transfers
• Zero Foreign Currency Markup
• Industry leading interest rate on deposits


• Easy transfers of money from and to Aeldra both from the U.S. and from India
• Check balances & track transactions
• Schedule payments for a future date or time
• Get real-time notifications of transactions & balances
• 1-click dial the Aeldra Concierge 24X7 from App
• Log in securely with biometric authentication


•Mastercard Debit Card^ covers more than 210 countries.
• Access to hundreds of thousands of ATMs worldwide.
• Instant Virtual Card^ right after account opening.
• Touch-free payments with the Aeldra Contactless Card^.
• Debit Card^ lock/unlock through the Aeldra App.

Open US Bank Account From India
Up to 1.00% Interest rate (APY 1.01%)
Up to 20X INTEREST VS major U.S. banks
Up to 1.00% Interest rate (APY 1.01%)
Up to 20X INTEREST VS major U.S. banks
Up to 1.00% Interest rate (APY 1.01%)
Up to 20X INTEREST VS major U.S. banks
Up to 1.00% Interest rate (APY 1.01%)
Up to 20X INTEREST VS major U.S. banks

Safe and Secure

FDIC Insured US Bank account
FDIC-Insured* Up To $250,000 Through Blue Ridge Bank, N.A. Member FDIC
US Banking Regulation for Indians
Compliant with U.S. Regulations and Indian Government Regulations
open us bank account with mastercard protection
Mastercard^ ID Theft Protection
Mastercard's^ Zero Liability
US bank account app
Real-time transaction
& security alerts
in-App one-click
Debit Card lock
*Aeldra is a Silicon Valley and Bangalore based Fintech providing Banking Services with FDIC-insurance through Blue Ridge Bank, N.A., Member FDIC. The FDIC – short for Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation – is backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government. Since the FDIC began, no depositor has ever lost a penny of FDIC-insured funds. Learn More.

Mastercard^ ID Theft Protection: Learn More.

Mastercard's^ Zero Liability: Learn More.

Join Thousands of Delighted Aeldra Customers

Professionals, Students, Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, Travelers, Families and More.
Amit - open your us bank account
Entrepreneur and Investment Professional

“For long, I have been encouraging friends, family and clients to diversify their investments and invest in the U.S. Doing so without a bank account is often daunting. Aeldra allows me to open a U.S. bank account remotely from India. The process is quite easy and hassle-free”

Neeraj - open your us bank account
Neeraj Sinha
IT professional & Frequent Business Traveller

“Aeldra fulfills a very vital gap for frequent global business travelers like myself. This account with debit card makes it not only very convenient to use during my travels in the U.S. but also helps me save a lot in forex and other bank charges.”

Satish - open your us bank account
Business Executive and Technology Leader

“ Aeldra’s on-boarding experience is truly one-of-a-kind and very intuitive. I was able to open an account using my mobile in a few simple steps, within a few minutes and even get my debit card instantly.”

Lakshya - open your us bank account
Aspiring Student for advanced studies in US

“Aeldra’s ability to open accounts with only Indian passport is a great boon for students like me going to the US. Now I can easily get living expenses credited into my bank account without having to go through the University.”

What matters to you?

Safe AND EASY U.S. banking* from OVERSEAS
A $-denominated mobile bank account* provides convenience, cost savings, exchange rate hedge and safety. Use it for all needs - supporting children or family in the U.S., planning for the future, investing in U.S. property or securities, travel and more.
Hassle Free US Banking Online
Be set up with a U.S. bank account* even before you step foot in the U.S. No delay in having a salary account* from India. No need to wait for a U.S. visa or Social Security Number, or to physically visit a branch and gather extensive documentation to open an account*.
U.S. bank account investments
Invest in U.S. stocks, ETFs and curated portfolios from India. Most importantly, benefit from the assurance and convenience of a U.S. bank account* linked to your U.S. brokerage account.
US Banking Account for Foreign Student
Be financially independent from Day 1. Open a U.S. account* even before getting your Student Visa. Avoid paying fees charged by U.S. banks for the account* and for transfers. Fall in love with the intuitive App that offers uncomplicated and easy functionality and payments.
Hassle Free US Banking Online
Maintain a U.S. bank account* to shop and spend through a Mastercard Global Debit Card^ as a U.S. resident. Avoid the worry of carrying enough cash. Avail of Mastercard’s^ global ATM network as a U.S. resident. Save up to 4% on exchange rate mark-ups -vs- other U.S. or Indian bank cards.

Aeldra in the News

“The Company is backed by leading fintech investors including Greg Kidd, an early investor in Twitter, Square, Ripple and Coinbase.”
"Aeldra meets a significant need in today's banking environment." - Brian K Plum, President & CEO Blue Ridge Bank, N.A.
"Brian and Brett are among the most forward-thinking leaders in banking and we are delighted to partner with them." - Sukeert Shanker, CEO Aeldra.
"Sukeert previously built two leading digital banks and we're excited to help him try to three-peat with Aeldra." - Brett Taxin, EVP Blue Ridge.
"The benefit of having bank accounts in the U.S. for the consumers in India is that it will broaden their horizons."
“The founding team has launched similar banking products previously, including Goldman Sachs' consumer bank, Marcus."
"Aeldra launched in 2020 with a focus on bridge banking between India and the U.S."
“Aeldra doesn’t charge any fee for account maintenance, mobile banking, debit card, and so on.”
“Aeldra is on a mission to provide access to global financial opportunities to customers all over the world.”
“Aeldra is targeting $5 billion (Rs. 37,500 crores) in deposits by 2023.”
Aeldra, the U.S.-based fintech start-up, has started offering U.S. bank accounts to Indians without a social security number or a U.S. address
“Aeldra provides global clients with smooth access to U.S. banking."
Aeldra CEO Speaks to Greg Kidd, Aeldra Investor
Fireside chat between Greg Kidd (Early investor in Twitter, Square, Ripple, Coinbase & Robinhood,
and Aeldra) and Sukeert Shanker (Founder and CEO, Aeldra).
Michael Miebach
CEo, Mastercard
Aeldra Mastercard Logo
“Building on our fintech momentum, we have secured additional wins around the globe with new partners like Payoneer and Aeldra in the U.S., HYPE and Flow in Italy, Treezor in France and Prex in Peru. Our fintech customers appreciate our tailored approach, addressing their very specific needs, leveraging our expertise, our tech and of course, our global network.”
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